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Information bulletins provide consistent and uniform interpretation of the codes, clarify code issues as they relate to new construction and new technologies, and explain new regulations.

Information bulletins supersede most of the previously published Rules of General Application (RGA's), Memorandums of General Distribution (MGD's) and other related public information handouts.

Please note that some provisions or interpretations of the code as written in the superseded RGA's and MGD's are no longer applicable due to subsequent code changes. Information from these outdated documents is not included in the new LADBS Information Bulletins.


Change of Use IB-P-GI2014-021 View
Computer Software Program Solutions IB-P-GI2014-018 View
Definition of "Commenced Construction" and Similar Phrases IB-P-GI2014-016 View
Document Submittal Requirements for a New Commercial Industrial Building IB-P-GI2014-010 View
Document Submittal Requirements for a New Multi-Family Dwelling IB-P-GI2014-007 View
Document Submittal Requirements for a New Single-Family Dwelling IB-P-GI2014-009 View
Document Submittal Requirements for an Alteration or Addition to an Existing Single-Family Dwelling or Multi-Family Dwelling IB-P-GI2014-008 View
Document Submittal Requirements for Tenant Improvement, Addition, or Alteration to an Existing Commercial Industrial Building IB-P-GI2014-006 View
Express Permits (No Plan Check Required) IB-P-GI2014-003 View
General Engineering Contractors and Demolitions IB-P-GI2014-015 View
General Notes for Single-Family Dwellings IB-P-GI2014-022 View
Guidelines for Plan Check and Permit Requirements for Solar Energy Devices IB-P-GI2014-027 View
Guidelines for Recognition of Listing Product Certification Agencies for Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fire Suppression Product IB-P-GI2014-030 View
Instructions for Preparing and Recording Covenants with the Los Angeles County IB-P-GI2014-024 View
List of Common Acronyms and Abbreviations Used by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) IB-P-GI2014-023 View
Notice to Contractors - Insurance and License Requirements IB-P-GI2014-001 View
Obtaining Permits to Resolve Orders IB-P-GI2014-026 View
One Story Addition IB-P-GI2014-020 View
Qualification Criteria for Building (1) Counter Plan Check (2) Appointment Plan Check & (3) Regular Plan Check IB-P-GI2014-011 View
Qualification Criteria for Electrical Counter Plan Check and Regular Plan Check IB-P-GI2014-012 View
Qualification Criteria for Mechanical (1) Counter Plan Checks (2) Regular Plan Checks IB-P-GI2014-013 View
Regulations Applicable When a Building Permit is Issued to Alter, Repair or Add to an Existing Building or when a Building is Sold IB-P-GI2014-002 View
Requirements to Change the Use of a Building to a Food Establishment IB-P-GI2010-005 View
Rules and Regulations for Recognition of Testing Agencies IB-P-GI2014-028 View
Wood Frame Prescriptive Provisions One Story Residential Construction Only IB-P-BC2011-004 View

Building Code

30-Day Notification of Intent to Excavate IB-P-BC2014-060 View
6 Inch Concrete Block Masonry Wall Detail IB-P-BC2014-096 View
Acceptable Design and Analysis Methods for Use of Slabs-On-Grade As Foundations IB-P-BC2014-100 View
Alternate Design Methodology for Unreinforced Masonry Buildings IB-P-BC2011-053 View
Alternative Design Procedure for Seismic Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings and Buildings Utilizing Complex Structural Systems IB-P-BC2014-123 View
Application for Approval As Fabricator IB-P-BC2014-042 View
Asbestos Fireproofing Removal and Replacement Procedures IB-P-BC2014-066 View
Asbestos Notification for Demolition Alteration Permits IB-P-BC2014-067 View
Attached Carport IB-P-BC2014-005 View
Attached Patio Cover IB-P-BC2014-006 View
Backfill of Swimming Pools IB-P-BC2014-111 View
Billiard or Pool Halls and Pinball Arcades IB-P-BC2014-025 View
Cargo Containers for Incidental Storage IB-P-BC2014-104 View
Certificates of Completion Versus Certificates of Occupancy for Condominium Conversions and Other Alterations to Apartment Buildings IB-P-BC2014-108 View
Certificates of Occupancy IB-P-BC2014-109 View
Chimney Repair IB-P-BC2014-070 View
Coastal Development Permit IB-P-BC2014-065 View
Commercial Coaches Modulars for Temporary Usage IB-P-BC2014-079 View
Composite Steel Concrete Construction IB-P-BC2014-046 View
Concrete Proportioning and Admixture Qualification IB-P-BC2014-031 View
Concrete Vaults - Permits Not Required IB-P-BC2014-017 View
Construction Upon Slopes Steeper Than Two Horizontal to One Vertical IB-P-BC2014-050 View
Contents of Reports for Submittal to the LADBS Grading Division IB-P-BC2014-113 View
Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) IB-P-BC2014-121 View
Conversion into Heavy Duty Equipment Room IB-P-BC2014-081 View
Crack Repair of Unreinforced Masonry Walls with Grout Injection IB-P-BC2014-056 View
Cutting, Notching, and Boring of Wood Framing Members IB-P-BC2014-007 View
Demolition of Buildings IB-P-BC2014-039 View
Design and Construction of Swimming Pools IB-P-BC2014-014 View
Detached Carport IB-P-BC2014-009 View
Drainage Across Lot Property Line IB-P-BC2014-057 View
Dwellings in High Wind Velocity Areas (HWA) IB-P-BC2014-016 View
Early Start Permits IB-P-BC2014-097 View
Emergency Escape Quick Release Systems IB-P-BC2014-043 View
Employment and Duties of a Registered Deputy Inspector IB-P-BC2014-034 View
Exams for Specialties Regulated Under Chapter 9 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code IB-P-BC2014-072 View
Exemptions from Liquefaction, Earthquake Induced Landslide, and Faullt-rupture Hazard Zone Investigations IB-P-BC2014-044 View
Exit illumination and Exit Sign Lighting Systems IB-P-BC2014-019 View
Fabrication Tolerances for Built-Up Steel Members IB-P-BC2011-036 View
Fire-Retardant Roof Coverings for Open Walking Decks and Spaced Roof Construction IB-P-BC2014-023 View
Flood Hazard Management Specific Plan Guidelines IB-P-BC2014-064 View
Footing/Building Setbacks from Slopes IB-P-BC2014-001 View
Foundation Design for Expansive Soils IB-P-BC2014-116 View
General Illumination and Lock Requirements in Accordance with Ordinance IB-P-BC2014-011 View
Guardrail Requirements Adjacent to Openable Windows IB-P-BC2014-105 View
Guidelines for Construction of Masonry or Concrete Fence Walls Which Do Not Require a Building Permit IB-P-BC2014-080 View
Guidelines for Stormwater Infiltration IB-P-BC2014-118 View
Guidelines for the Issuance of Certificates of Occupancy for Commercial or Residential Core & Shell Buildings IB-P-BC2014-122 View
Guidelines for Vehicle Sales Use of Land Permit IB-P-BC2011-107 View
Historic Broadway Commercial Reuse Brining Back Broadway IB-P-BC2014-125 View
How to Obtain Copies of City of Los Angeles Ordinances IB-P-GI2014-025 View
Importance of Lumber Species and Grade in Wood Shear Walls IB-P-BC2014-010 View
Information Bulletins for Certified Welder IB-P-BC2014-045 View
Interconnection Ties for Individual Pile Caps and Caissons IB-P-BC2014-030 View
Interim General Policy for Plan Check Time Extension IB-P-BC2014-120 View
Maintenance of Approved Building Plans IB-P-BC2014-063 View
Methane Hazard Mitigation Standard Plan Simplified Method for Small Additions IB-P-BC2014-102 View
Mezzanines in Residential Buildings IB-P-BC2002-038 View
Minimum Info to be Shown on Grading Plans IB-P-BC2014-133 View
Nuclear Devices - Soil Density and Moisture Determination IB-P-BC2014-028 View
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) (Residential) IB-P-BC2014-027 View
Plumbing Fixtures IB-P-BC2014-095 View
Policy for Stamped Plans IB-P-BC2014-073 View
Power Driven Steel Studs in Pre-Stressed Post-Tensioned Concrete Elements IB-P-BC2014-015 View
Prescriptive Standards for Suspended Ceiling Assemblies IB-P-BC2014-040 View
Procedures for Hazardous or Contaminated Materials Found during Geological Exploration IB-P-BC2014-131 View
Pumpkin and Christmas Trees Sales IB-P-BC2014-008 View
Reduced Underfloor Clearance for Conversion of Attached Garage to Living Area IB-P-BC2011-075 View
Regulations Regarding Registration for Deputy Inspection IB-P-BC2011-035 View
Relocation of Building IB-P-BC2014-099 View
Required Permits and Inspections for Retaining Walls, Sub-surface, Drain Systems, Fill, Planting and Irrigation of Slopes IB-P-BC2014-128 View
Requirements for Single-Family-Dwelling Existing Footings on Expansive Soils IB-P-BC 2002-047 View
Retaining or Slough Wall (4 foot High or Less) IB-P-BC2014-002 View
Retaining Wall Design IB-P-BC2011-083 View
Roofing Requirements for Wood Shakes and Shingles IB-P-BC2014-013 View
Rules and Regulations for Hillside Exploratory Work IB-P-BC2014-068 View
Seismic Risk Reduction Through Building Code Enforcement View
Slope Stability Evaluation and Acceptance Standards IB-P-BC2014-049 View
Soils/Geology Report Reqs when Filing Parcel Map with City Planning IB-P-BC2014-132 View
Sound Insulation Requirements for Noise Sensitive Structures Near Los Angeles International AirportIB-P-BC2014-074 View
Sound-Rated Partitions and Floor-Ceiling Construction IB-P-BC2011-069 View
Specifications for Strong-Motion Accelerographs & Requirements for Installation and Servicing IB-P-BC2014-048 View
Standard for Existing Building Glass Retrofitted with an Approved Organic Film IB-P-BC2014-052 View
State Health and Safety Code Requirements for Mausoleums and Columbariums IB-P-BC2014-029 View
Storm Water Containment Systems IB-P-BC2014-130 View
Structural Design Guidelines for Steel Moment-Resisting Frames IB-P-BC2008-098 View
Structural Design Requirements (Seismic Provisions) for Existing Building Converted to Joint Living and Work Quarters IB-P-BC2011-110 View
Structural Monitoring Equipment in Buildings Designed with Nonlinear Response History Procedure IB-P-BC2014-117 View
Structural Observation IB-P-BC2014-024 View
Supplementary Rules and Regulations Governing Fabricators of High-Strength Structural Steel IB-P-BC2014-032 View
Surface Fault Rupture Hazard Investigations IB-P-BC2014-129 View
Swimming Pool Permit Issuance and Inspection Procedure for Noise Level Control IB-P-BC2014-059 View
Tests on Concrete and its Components IB-P-BC2014-061 View
Torque Testing & Installation Inspection of Drilled - In Anchors IB-P-BC2011-092 View
Use of Sump Pumps for Surface and Subsurface Drainage IB-P-BC2014-103 View
Valuation for State Approved Factory-Built Housing IB-P-BC2014-112 View
Wall Anchorage Assemblies to Flexible Diaphragms Revised Design Criteria (New Construction, Chapters 91 and 96) IB-P-BC2002-071 View
Water Curtain in Lieu of Protected Exterior Openings IB-P-BC2014-106 View
Wet Mix Shotcrete IB-P-BC2014-051 View

Green Code

2010 Ca. Green Building Standards Code View
Basis of Design (BOD) (effective 1-1-14) GRN 21-2014 View
Basis of Design (BOD) (effective 7-1-14) GRN 21-2014 View
Commissioning Measures (effective 1-1-14) GRN 22-2014 View
Commissioning Measures (effective 7-1-14) GRN 22-2014 View
Commissioning Plan (effective 1-1-14) GRN 23-2014 View
Commissioning Plan (effective 7-1-14) GRN 23-2014 View
Commissioning Report (effective 1-1-14) GRN 26-2014 View
Commissioning Report (effective 7-1-14) GRN 26-2014 View
Documentation and Training (effective 1-1-14) GRN 25-2014 View
Documentation and Training (effective 7-1-14) GRN25-2014 View
Formaldehyde Emissions Verification Checklist GRN 3-2014 View
Functional Performance Testing (effective 1-1-14) GRN 24-2014 View
Functional Performance Testing (effective 7-1-14) GRN 24-2014 View
Green Building Certification GRN 12-2014 View
Mandatory Requirements Checklist Additions and Alterations to Non-Residential Buildings GRN 10-2014 View
Mandatory Requirements Checklist Additions and Alterations to Residential Buildings (effective 10-1-14) GRN 9-2014 View
Mandatory Requirements Checklist Newly Constructed Non-Residential Buildings GRN 5-2014 View
Mandatory Requirements Checklist Newly Constructed Residential Buildings (effective 10-1-14) GRN 4-2014 View
Operation and Maintenance Manual GRN 6-2014 View
Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) (effective 1-1-14) GRN 20-2014 View
Owner's Project Requirements (OPR) (effective 7-1-14) GRN 20-2014 View
Plan Check Notes Residential Buildings GRN 14-2014 View
Plan Check Notes Residential Buildings Over Six Stories and All Non-Residential Buildings GRN 15-2014 View
Plumbing Fixture Flow Rate Tables (Non-Residential) GRN 17-2014 View
Plumbing Fixture Flow Rate Tables (Residential) GRN 16-2014 View
Storm Water Pollution Control GRN 1 2014 View
Tier 1 and Tier 2 Voluntary Requirements Checklist Residential Buildings (effective 7-1-14) GRN 4A-2014 View
VOC and Formaldehyde Limits GRN 11-2014 View
VOC Content Verification Checklist GRN 2-2014 View

Zoning Code

Allowable Projection for Decks and Built-Up Platforms in Required Yards IB-P-ZC2002-004 View
Allowable Projections and Improvements in Required Yards IB-P-ZC2002-006 View
Child Day Care Establishments IB-P-ZC2002-014 View
Determination of the Zoning Height of a Building or Structure IB-P-ZC2002-008 View
Determining Front Yards, When Subject to the Prevailing Setback Regulation IB-P-ZC2002-015 View
Early Notice Regarding Discretionary Review IB-P-ZC2002-009 View
Equinekeeping IB-P-ZC2014-018 View
General Zoning Code Design Criteria for Multiple-Dwelling Development (Replace with Planning's document at Planning's site) IB-P-ZC 2002-010 View
Guidelines for Consideration of Yard Reduction Requests IB-P-ZC2002-005 View
Heights of Fences in Residential Zones IB-P-ZC2002-002 View
Netted Horticultural Structures IB-P-ZC2002-003 View
Nurseries Agricultural IB-P-ZC2014-007 View
Parking Lot Design IB-P-ZC2002-001 View
Procedure for Processing "Error or Abuse of Discretion" Appeals of LADBS Actions Concerning Zoning Issues IB-P-ZC2014-019 View
Retaining Walls on Hillside Areas IB-P-ZC2002-016 View
Summary of Parking Regulations IB-P-ZC2002-011 View
Zoning and Land Use Requirements Notice to All Business Tax Registrants IB-P-ZC2002-012 View
Zoning Code Manual and Commentary View
Zoning Code Requirements for Automobile Dismantling Yards, Junk Yards, Scrap Metal Yards, or Open Air Storage of Used Materials, etc IB-P-ZC2002-013 View

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