Information about Zoning

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Zoning is the designated identification of a property or lot that determines the allowed use, maximum height, allowable area, required yards, and any other requirements specific to the property or lot.

General zoning information regarding zone, height district, lot size, ordinances, easements, etc. and copies of the zoning map for a requested property is available for the public by visiting any of our LADBS district offices.

Research Zoning Online

Generate a Rebuild Letter (Restoration of Damaged Nonconforming Buildings)

A self-serve, online system that generates the "Rebuild Letter" to confirm rebuild-ability rights for buildings. 

To retrieve a Paid Rebuild Letter, call 3-1-1.

Generate a Zoning Information Letter (previously known as Zoning Letter)

A self-serve, online system that generates a "Zoning Information Letter" which provides ONLY the current zone information of your property. 

To retrieve a Paid Zoning Information Letter, call 3-1-1.

Request a Tax Credit Letter (pdf)

A written Verification of Zoning for California Tax Credit Allocation Committee and California Debt Limit Allocation Committee.
Instructions for obtaining a Tax Credit Letter (pdf)

Request a Zoning Determination Letter (pdf)

A written response to applicant's Zoning Code questions for projects that are not in Plan Check or Preliminary Plan Check, and do not require calculations.
Instructions for obtaining a Zoning Determination Letter (pdf)

Request a Termination of Covenant & Agreement (pdf)

To terminate Covenant & Agreements that do not change the information on the Structural Inventory in a permit or Certificate of Occupancy (e.g. number of parking spaces).
Instructions for obtaining a Termination of Covenant and Agreement (pdf)

ZIMAS (Zone Information Map Access System)

An online mapping system that displays the zoning information of parcels within the City of Los Angeles. Parcels may be searched and identified by address, legal description, street intersection, or assessor's parcel number. ZIMAS can be used to find, property lines, zoning, land use, assessed land value, case numbers and more.
ZIMAS Reference Guide
Using ZIMAS to Find Historic Preservation Information

BIO (Building Information Online)

Map-based tool that shows building information by address and parcel. Information includes zoning, permits, inspections, and code enforcement reports.

Reports and Documents

Permit & Inspection Report

A report that displays the zoning information for most parcels within the City of Los Angeles that can be identified by address or property tax bill number.

Search Online Building Records

Search the Internet Document Imaging System (IDIS) for all documents. Search by, address, legal desciption, assessor number, document number, or parcel.

Allowable Projection for Decks and Built-Up Platforms in Required Yards IB-P-ZC2002-004 View
Allowable Projections and Improvements in Required Yards IB-P-ZC2002-006 View
Child Day Care Establishments IB-P-ZC2002-014 View
Determination of the Zoning Height of a Building or Structure IB-P-ZC2002-008 View
Determining Front Yards, When Subject to the Prevailing Setback Regulation IB-P-ZC2002-015 View
Early Notice Regarding Discretionary Review IB-P-ZC2002-009 View
Equinekeeping IB-P-ZC2014-018 View
General Zoning Code Design Criteria for Multiple-Dwelling Development (Replace with Planning's document at Planning's site) IB-P-ZC 2002-010 View
Guidelines for Consideration of Yard Reduction Requests IB-P-ZC2002-005 View
Heights of Fences in Residential Zones IB-P-ZC2002-002 View
Netted Horticultural Structures IB-P-ZC2002-003 View
Nurseries Agricultural IB-P-ZC2014-007 View
Parking Lot Design IB-P-ZC2002-001 View
Procedure for Processing "Error or Abuse of Discretion" Appeals of LADBS Actions Concerning Zoning Issues IB-P-ZC2014-019 View
Retaining Walls on Hillside Areas IB-P-ZC2002-016 View
Summary of Parking Regulations IB-P-ZC2002-011 View
Zoning and Land Use Requirements Notice to All Business Tax Registrants IB-P-ZC2002-012 View
Zoning Code Manual and Commentary View
Zoning Code Requirements for Automobile Dismantling Yards, Junk Yards, Scrap Metal Yards, or Open Air Storage of Used Materials, etc IB-P-ZC2002-013 View