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Note: Projects submitted after January 1, 2017 must comply with the 2017 LA City Codes. See all updated documents on the 2017 Code Documents page.
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Building Permit Valuation Table (Effective 8/17/2015) View
Common Permits (prepared by HCIDLA) View
Elevator & Pressure Vessel Permit Fee Schedule View
Fire Sprinkler Permit Fee Schedule View
Mechanical HVAC Permit Fee Schedule View
Notice to Property Owner for Owner-Builder Permits View
Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule View
Signature Declaration Form View
PlanCheck.Wk.Sht.1-2014 Plan Check Worksheet for Cabled Elevators View
PlanCheck.Wk.Sht.2-2014 Plan Check Worksheet for Hydro-Electric Elevators View
PlanCheck.Wk.Sht.2B-2014 Plan Check Worksheet for Rechecking Hydro-Electric Elevators View
GRN 14-2014 Green Building Code Plan Check Notes - Residential Buildings View
GRN 15-2014 Green Building Code Plan Check Notes - Non-Residential Buildings View
IB/P/EC 2017-006 Permit Fees for Solar Photovoltaic Microinverters View
IB/P/PC 2014-006 Permits for Gas Water Heaters View
IN/App.08 Application for Temporary Special Event Permit View
PC/ELEC/App.002-2017 Application for Electrical Permit View
PC/ELEC/App.003-2014 Application for Electrical Plan Check View
PC/ELEC/Fee.Sched.01 Permit Fee Schedule for Electrical Permits View
PC/GRAD.App-21 Application for Review of Technical Reports View
PC/GRAD/App 21 Application for GPI Waiver View
PC/GRAD/Fee.Sched.07-2017 Fee Schedule for Grading Report Reviews View
PC/GRAD/Fee.Sched.08-2014 Grading Plan Check and Permit Fees View
PC/MECH/App.003-2014 Application for Fire Sprinkler Permit or Plan Check View
PC/MECH/App.004-2017 Application for HVAC Permit or HVAC Plan Check View
PC/MECH/App.005-2017 Application for Plumbing Permit or Plan Check View
PC/MECH/App.006-2014 Application for Pressure Vessel / Elevator Permit or Plan Check View
PC/STR/App.001-2014 Application for Building Permit or Grading and Certificate of Occupancy View