Permit Application Information

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Below are applications and information for permits requiring plan check.

To save time, fill out the application before visiting an LADBS office.

ID   Title  
Zoning Code Manual and Commentary View
IB/P/BC 2020-072 Exams for Specialties Regulated Under Chapter 9 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code View
PC/STR/Form10-2009 Letter of Consent/Non-Consent from Adjoining Neighbors for Request of Yard Reduction View
PC/MECH/Aff101-2016 Maintenance of Sump Pump Sewage Ejector View
PC/GRAD/Aff4-2016 Uncertified Fill Underground Structures View
PC/GRAD/Aff09-2016 Maintenance of Sump Pump View
PC/GRAD/Aff8-2016 Maintenance of ___________ View
PC/GRAD/Aff6-2016 Drainage Easement View
PC/GRAD/Aff5-2016 Alternate Method of Grading View
PC/STR/Aff42-2016 Maintenance of Building (Graffiti Removal) View
PC/STR/Aff39-2016 Green Building Declaration View
PC/STR/Aff36-2016 Tract Sales Office Affidavit View
PC/STR/Aff40-2020 Temporary Special Display Sign View
PC/STR/Aff29-2016 Model Unit Affidavit View
PC/STR/Aff43-2016 Maintenance of Vehicle Lift System - 2 Levels View
PC/STR/Aff21-2014 Erection and Maintenance of Building in Areas Subject to Inundation or Physical Hazards Geological Nature View
PC/STR/Aff31-2016 Covenant and Agreement to Provide Parking Attendant View
PC/STR/Aff22-2016 Covenant and Agreement to Hold Property as One Parcel (Lot Tie Affidavit) View
PC/STR/Aff34A-2016 Covenant and Agreement Regarding Private Sewer Easement (Same Owner for Each Parcel) View
PC/STR/Aff30-2016 Covenant and Agreement Regarding Parking for Senior Citizen Housing Development View