Permit Application Information

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Below are applications and information for permits requiring plan check.

To save time, fill out the application before visiting an LADBS office.

ID   Title  
IB/P/BC 2020-143 General Notes for Commercial Accessibility View
IB/P/GI 2023-015 General Engineering Contractors and Demolitions View
PC/ELEC/Mod010A-2017 Extend Plan Check Time (for 2014 Codes) View
PC/ELEC/Mod010A-2017 Extend Plan Check Time (for 2011 Codes) View
PC/ELEC/Mod059-2017 MC Cable Only Permit View
PC/ELEC/Mod054-2017 Conduit Only Permit (Early Start Permit) View
PC/ELEC/Mod016-2017 Use a Scale per Foot Smaller than 0.125 Inch for Site Utility Drawing View
PC/ELEC/Mod015-2017 Separate Fire Alarm Plans View
PC/ELEC/Mod014-2017 Separate Approval for Fire Life Safety Plans View
PC/ELEC/Mod013-2017 Installation of Equipment Prior to Test Lab Approval View
PC/ELEC/Mod008-2017 Demand Factor of 0.65 to a Group of Reefer Receptacles View
PC/ELEC/Mod007-2017 Add Loads to an Existing Installation View
Inspection Construction Map Bel Air - Beverly Crest Map View
Inspection Construction Hours View
PC/STR/Corr.Lst.107A-2017 Baseline Hillside Ordinance Correction Sheet (Ordinance No. 184,802 Effective 3/17/17) View
IB/P/BC 2020-146 Guidelines for Permitting New Antennas and Replacement of Units on Existing Telecommunication Antennas (Cell Towers) View
IB/P/BC 2020-085 Accessibility Details for Ramps, Stairs & Elevators View
PC/DAD/Corr.Lst.10-2018 EVCS - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations View
PC/DAD/ Commercial Accessibility Plan Check Correction List View
PC/DAD/Corr.Lst.09-2018 Public Housing - Supplemental Plan Review Checklist No. 9 View