Permit Application Information

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Below are applications and information for permits requiring plan check.

To save time, fill out the application before visiting an LADBS office.

ID   Title  
IB/P/BC 2020-083 Retaining Wall Design View
IB/P/BC 2020-092 Torque Testing & Installation Inspection of Drilled - In Anchors View
IB/P/BC 2020-004 Wood Frame Prescriptive Provisions One Story Residential Construction Only View
IB/P/BC 2020-107 Guidelines for Vehicle Sales Use of Land Permit View
IB/P/ZC 2023-013 Zoning Code Requirements for Automobile Dismantling Yards, Junk Yards, Scrap Metal Yards, or Open Air Storage of Used Materials, etc View
PC/ELEC/App03-2017 Application for Electrical Plan Check View
PC/GRAD/Aff7-2016 Areas Subject to Surface Fault Rupture - Severe Ground Shaking View
IB/P/PC 2014-003 How To Brace Your Water Heater View
PC/DAD/App20-2015 Application for Unreasonable Hardship to Disabled Access Requirements View
IN/2016 NEC Standard Electrical Load Calculation for Single Family Dwellings (with Electrical Vehicle Charger) View
Notice to Property Owner for Owner-Builder Permits View
Wk/Sheet1-2003 Plan Check Worksheet for Cabled Elevators View
WS-22003 Plan Check Worksheet for Hydro-Electric Elevators View
Wk/Sheet2B-2003 Plan Check Worksheet for Rechecking Hydro-Electric Elevators View
LAFD Requirement 96 Fire Department Reference - Requirements For Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) Systems on One and Two Family Dwellings View
PC/MC/FeeSch6-2016 Elevator & Pressure Vessel Permit Fee Schedule View
PC/MC/FeeSch3-2017 Mechanical HVAC Permit Fee Schedule View
PC/MC/FeeSch2-2017 Fire Sprinkler Permit Fee Schedule View
LAFD Requirement 96 Solar Photovoltaic System View
Zoning Code Manual and Commentary View