Permit Application Information

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Below are applications and information for permits requiring plan check.

To save time, fill out the application before visiting an LADBS office.

ID   Title  
PC/DAD/Corr.Lst.03-2017 Supplemental Plan Review Checklist No. 3 - Restaurant View
PC/DAD/Corr.Lst.02-2018 Supplemental Plan Review Checklist No. 2 - Signs View
PC/DAD/Corr.Lst.01-2017 Supplemental Plan Review Checklist No. 1 - Elevators, Lulas and Platform Lifts View
IB/P/BC 2017-078 Sign Manual (Excluding Off-Site Signs) View
IB/P/BC 2017-145 Cargo Container Conversion to Building Modules View
IB/P/BC 2020-108 Certificates of Completion Versus Certificates of Occupancy for Condominium Conversions and Other Alterations to Apartment Buildings View
PC/STR/Corr.Lst.037-2020 Supplemental Plan Check Correction Sheet For Curtain Wall Design (2020 LABC) View
PC/STR/Corr.Lst.104-2017 Supplemental Plan Check Correction Sheet for Structural Design - General (2017 LABC) View
IB/P/BC 2020-086 Accessibility Details for Doors, Maneuvering Spaces and Routes View
IB/P/BC 2020-084 Accessibility Details for Parking View
IB/P/BC 2020-087 Accessibility Details for Restrooms and Drinking Fountains View
IB/P/BC 2020-089 Accessibility Details for Obstructions, Reach Ranges, Telephones and Baby Changing Stations View
IB/P/BC 2020-090 Accessibility Details for Curbs, Blended Transitions, Islands and Detectable Warnings View
IB/P/BC 2020-091 Accessibility Details for Signs View
IB/P/BC 2017-009 Detached Carport View
PC/STR/Corr.Lst.059-2017 Signs-General Plan Check Correction Sheets (2017 LABC) View
Additional Corrections Sheet View
PC/GRN/Corr.Lst.05-2017(effective 2017-01-01) Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) Project Correction Sheet View
PC/GRN/Corr.Lst.04-2017(effective 2017-01-01) Newly Constructed Residential Buildings Green Building Correction Sheet View
PC/GRN/Corr.Lst.01-2017(effective 2017-01-01) Additions and Alterations Non-Residential Buildings Green Building Correction Sheet View