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Note: Projects submitted after January 1, 2017 must comply with the 2017 LA City Codes. See all updated documents on the 2017 Code Documents page.

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ID   Title  
IB/P/GI 2020-001 Notice to Contractors Insurance and License Requirements View
IB/P/GI 2020-003 Express Permits (No Plan Check Required) View
IB/P/GI 2020-003 Express Permits (No Plan Check Required) View
IB/P/GI 2020-006 Document Submittal Requirements for Tenant Improvement, Addition, or Alteration to An Existing Commercial/Industrial Building View
IB/P/GI 2020-007 Document Submittal Requirements for a New Multi-Family Dwelling View
IB/P/GI 2020-008 Document Submittal Requirements for an Alteration or Addition to an Existing Single-Family Dwelling or Multi-Family Dwelling View
IB/P/GI 2020-009 Document Submittal Requirements for a New Single-Family Dwelling View
IB/P/GI 2020-011 Qualification Criteria for Counter Plan Check (CPC), Expanded Counter Plan Check (ECPC) & Regular Plan Check (RPC) View
IB/P/GI 2020-015 General Engineering Contractors and Demolitions View
IB/P/G1 2020-016 Definition of "Commenced Construction" and Similar Phrases View
IB/P/GI 2020-018 Computer Software Program Solutions View
IB/P/GI 2020-020 Submittal Requirements for One-Story Addition to Residential Buildings for Over-The-Counter Plan Check View
IB/P/GI 2020-021 Requirements for Changing the Use of Existing Building View
IB/P/GI 2020-022 General Notes for Single-Family Dwelling View
IB/P/GI 2020-023 List of Commen Acronyms and Abbreviations Used by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) View
IB/P/GI 2020-024 Instructions for Preparing and Recording Covenants with the Los Angeles County Recorder's Office View
IB/P/GI 2020-025 How to Obtain Copies of City of Los Angeles Ordinances View
IB/P/GI 2020-026 Obtaining Permits to Resolve Orders View
IB/P/GI 2020-027 Guidelines for plan check and permit requirements for solar energy systems View
IB/P/GI 2020-031 Document Submittal Requirements for Zoning Plan Review for a New Multi-Family Dwelling View
IB/P/GI 2020-032 Document Submittal Requirements for a New Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Standard Plan View
IB/P/GI 2020-033 Covid-19 - Emergency Tolling of Deadlines Related to Expiration of Permits and Related Documents View

Building Code

ID   Title  
IB/P/BC 2020-002 Retaining or Slough Wall (4 foot High or Less) View
IB/P/BC 2020-006 Attached Patio Cover View
IB/P/BC 2017-009 Detached Carport View
IB/P/BC 2017-010 Importance of Lumber Species and Grade in Wood Shear Walls View
IB/P/BC 2020-014 Design and Construction of Swimming Pools View
IB/P/BC 2017-027 Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) (Residential) View
IB/P/BC 2020-039 Demolition of Buildings View
IB/P/BC 2020-040 Prescriptive Standards for Suspended Ceiling Assemblies View
IB/P/BC 2017-063 Maintenance of Approved Building Plans View
IB/P/BC 2014-065 Coastal Development Permit View
IB/P/BC 2017-069 Sound-Rated Partitions and Floor-Ceiling Construction View
IB/P/BC 2014-070 Chimney Repair View
IB/P/BC 2020-071 Wall Anchorage Assemblies to Flexible Diaphragms Revised Design Criteria View
IB/P/BC 2017-073 Policy for Stamped Plans by Engineer or Architect View
IB/P/BC 2014-074 Sound Insulation Requirements for Noise Sensitive Structures Near Los Angeles International Airport View
IB/P/BC 2020-084 Accessibility Details for Parking View
IB/P/BC 2020-085 Accessibility Details for Ramps, Stairs & Elevators View
IB/P/BC 2020-086 Accessibility Details for Doors, Maneuvering Spaces and Routes View
IB/P/BC 2020-087 Accessibility Details for Restrooms and Drinking Fountains View
IB/P/BC 2020-088 Accessibility Details for Tubs and Showers View
IB/P/BC 2020-089 Accessibility Details for Obstructions, Reach Ranges, Telephones and Baby Changing Stations View
IB/P/BC 2020-090 Accessibility Details for Curbs, Blended Transitions, Islands and Detectable Warnings View
IB/P/BC 2020-091 Accessibility Details for Signs View
IB/P/BC 2020-096 6 Inch Concrete Block Masonry Wall Detail View
IB/P/BC 2017-097 Early Start Permits View
IB/P/BC 2017-098 Structural Design Guidelines for Steel Moment-Resisting Frames View
IB/P/BC 2014-102 Methane Hazard Mitigation Standard Plan Simplified Method for Small Additions View
IB/P/BC 2020-104 Cargo Containers for Incidental Storage View
IB/P/BC 2017-120 Interim General Policy for Plan Check Time Extension View
IB/P/BC 2014-133 Minimum Info to be Shown on Grading Plans View
IB/P/BC 2017-136 SS Program - Permitting and Inspection Process Guidelines View
IB/P/BC 2020-143 General Notes for Commercial Accessibility View
IB/P/BC 2020-146 Guidelines for Permitting New Antennas and Replacement of Units on Existing Telecommunication Antennas (Cell Towers) View
IB/P/BC 2017-150 Accessory Dwelling Unit Conversion of Existing Detached Structure View