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Note: Projects submitted prior to January 1, 2022 are subject to the 2020 LA City Codes -- see all updated documents on the 2020 Code Documents page.

Note: Projects submitted after January 1, 2017 must comply with the 2017 LA City Codes -- see all updated documents on the 2017 Code Documents page.

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IB/P/BC 2014-070 Chimney Repair View
IB/P/BC 2014-074 Sound Insulation Requirements for Noise Sensitive Structures Near Los Angeles International Airport View
IB/P/BC 2017-009 Detached Carport View
IB/P/BC 2017-016 Dwellings in High Wind Velocity Areas (HWA) View
IB/P/BC 2017-027 Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) (Residential) View
IB/P/BC 2017-044 Exemptions from Liquefaction, Earthquake Induced Landslide, and Fault-rupture Hazard Zone Investigations View
IB/P/BC 2017-126 Guidelines and Requirements for Installing Rooftop Gardens View
IB/P/BC 2020-004 Wood Frame Prescriptive Provisions One Story Residential Construction Only View
IB/P/BC 2020-005 Attached Carport View
IB/P/BC 2020-006 Attached Patio Cover View
IB/P/BC 2020-014 Design and Construction of Swimming Pools View
IB/P/BC 2020-075 Reduced Underfloor Clearance for Conversion of Attached Garage to Living Area View
IB/P/BC 2023-013 Roofing Requirements For Wood Shakes and Shingles View
IB/P/BC 2023-023 Fire Retardant Roof Coverings for Open Walking Decks and Space Roof Construction View
IB/P/BC 2023-027 Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) (Residential) View
IB/P/BC 2023-043 Emergency Escape Quick Release Systems View
IB/P/BC 2023-052 Standard for Existing Building Glass Retrofitted with an Approved Organic Film View
IB/P/G1 2023-016 Definition of "Commenced Construction" and Similar Phrases View
IB/P/GI 2023-002 Regulations Applicable When a Building Permit is Issued to Alter, Repair, or Add to an Existing Building or When a Building is Sold View
IB/P/GI 2023-008 Document Submittal Requirements for an Alteration or Addition to an Existing Single-Family Dwelling or Multi-Family Dwelling View
IB/P/GI 2023-009 Document Submittal Requirements for a New Single-Family Dwelling View
IB/P/GI 2023-011 Qualification Criteria for Counter Plan Check (CPC), Expanded Counter Plan Check (ECPC) & Regular Plan Check (RPC) View
IB/P/GI 2023-020 Submittal Requirements for One-Story Addition to Residential Buildings for Over-The-Counter Plan Check View
IB/P/GI 2023-022 General Notes for Single-Family Dwelling View
IB/P/PC 2014-003 How To Brace Your Water Heater View
IB/P/PC 2017-012 Graywater Systems for Residential Buildings View
IB/P/ZC 2023-002 Heights of Fences in Residential Zones View
IB/P/ZC 2023-004 Allowable Projection for Decks and Built-Up Platforms in Required Yards View
IB/P/ZC 2023-006 Allowable Projections and Improvements in Required Yards View

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