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Monday November 30, 2015
LADBS-Plan Check

Plan Check

Building and Safety has Plan Check services that support the Permit process. Depending on the size, complexity, and type of project, the Department offers plan review on walk-in basis (Counter Plan Check), by appointment (Appointment Plan Check), or regular plan check.

First stop at our metro office

Counter Plan Check
Counter Plan Check offers the convenience and expedience of having a plan review and obtaining a permit without the need to make an appointment. It also allows applicants to interact with the plan check engineer right there at the public counter. The type of plans that are typically reviewed at the counter are small and medium size projects, such as tenant improvements, small office and retail buildings that can be reviewed in approximately 45-60 minutes. Counter plan check is offered at our Metro(Downtown), Van Nuys, and W.L.A. Construction Service Centers.

Regular Plan Check
Large, more complex, or projects requiring time consuming review are submitted for regular plan check. At the time of submittal, plans are screened for completeness and the appropriate plan check fees is required to be paid. An option to expedite the plan check project is available for an Expedite fee equal to 50% of the plan check fee. Plans being expedited are usually assigned to a plan check engineer within five working days from the time of submittal. Plan submittals for regular plan check are processed at our Metro, Van Nuys, and W.L.A. Construction Service Centers.

The Department has separate structural, grading, electrical, and mechanical (plumbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler, elevator) plan check sections that handle the respective type of plans. It is important to remember that plans need to be submitted to the appropriate section separately. Plan Check time varies by section and depends on the size and complexity of the project. The following addresses plan check required by the Department of Building and Safety only. Other plan check, including plan check by other City departments, county and state agencies may also be required for the work being performed.

Parallel Design-Permitting Process
The Parallel Design-Permitting Process for major project developments allows the design process and the permitting process run concurrently. We will start to plan check your plans at the conceptual design phase and continue to provide plan check, correction verification, and code consultation services to you throughout your various design phases. When you complete your final drawings, the building permit is ready to be issued. The benefits for a development project are as follow:

  • Identify and correct code violations early on and avoid cumbersome revisions to finished design.
  • Identify clearances and obtain sign-offs from other agencies early on and avoid unexpected clearances.
  • Reduce overall permit processing time, start and complete construction ahead of schedule.
  • Reduce project cost due to time savings.

For more information, please click here or to initiate the process, please visit Metro Plan Check.

Building and Safety has also gone to great lengths to provide a variety of documents available online, including Plan Check related documents. We have included a Plan Check section on our Forms page that provides access to a variety of Plan Check documents.

We hope to make your Plan Check go as smooth as possible. We welcome all forms of feedback that may help us better serve you. Please feel free to use the Contact Us link located at the top right corner at anytime.

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