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Note: Projects submitted after January 1, 2017 must comply with the 2017 LA City Codes. See all updated documents on the 2017 Code Documents page.

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Requests for Modifications

ID   Title  
IN/Mod.001 Dryer Moisture Duct View
IN/Mod.003 Tankless Water Heater View
IN/Mod.008 Pressure Relief Valve Termination View
IN/Mod.009 Water Heater Temperature Relief Valve View
IN/Mod.010 Early Release of Electrical Power and Gas Supply System View
PC/MECHReq.Mod.106-2014 Non-listed Onsite Graywater Treatment System View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.024-2014 Drawing Scale View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.025-2014 Dryer Vent View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.027-2014 Inspection Prior to Plan Check View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.029-2014 Plan Check Extension View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.029A-2014 Plan Check Extension (Version A) View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.029B-2014 Plan Check Extension (Version B) View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.031-2014 Building Sewer to Cross Lot Lines View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.033-2014 High Pressure Gas View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.035-2014 Tough Drain View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.101-2014 Plastic Underground Piping Variance View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.103-2014 Ventless Dryer Variance View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod.105-2014 Non-listed Gas Sub-meters View
PC/MECH/Req.Mod. 036-2017 Siphonic Roof Drainage System View
PC-Mech.Mod.037 Request for Modification of Building Ordinances View