Report Haul Route Violation

Report Haul

For questions regarding haul routes, please contact the following:

 Staff Member Council District  Phone  Email
Grading Inspector Matthew Jenkins (LADBS) 4,5 310-914-0399
Senior Grading Inspector Kirk Linklater (LADBS) 4,5 310-914-3934
Dina Elkinawy, Board Secretary (Board of Building and Safety Commissioner's Office) 4,5 213-482-0466
Veronica Lopez,Building and Safety Commissioner's Office (LADBS) 4,5 213-482-0466
Lamar Davis, Board of Building and Safety Commissioner's Office (LADBS) 4,5 213-482-0466
Devon Farfon, Chief of Parking Enforcement Ops. (LADOT) 4,5 213-972-8426
Peter Kurt, Investigator II (BOSS) 5

Tim Walls, Investigator II (BOSS) 4         213-847-6233