Trade License/Deputy Inspections


Trade Licenses

The Department processes the following Building Trade Examinations and Licenses:

  • Certified Welder
  • Registered Deputy Inspectors
  • Deputy Pressure Vessel Inspectors
  • Diesel Engineer
  • Electrical Maintenance Supervisor
  • Heating (HVAC) Maintenance Supervisor
  • Journey-Level Plumber
  • Journey-Level Elevator Mechanic
  • Plumbing Maintenance Supervisor
  • Steam Engineer and Boiler Operator
  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Mechanic
  • Wheelchair Lift Mechanic

For information, visit the Development Services Center at our Metro (Downtown) location.

Deputy Inspection

Deputy Inspectors provide a service to builders who require continuous inspection for time periods that Building and Safety Inspectors cannot otherwise fulfill. Deputy Inspectors can be certified in multiple areas. Building and Safety certifies Deputy Inspectors through a rigorous examination and interview process. LADBS continually evaluates the work performed by the Registered Deputy Inspectors to maintain a high standard of excellence. It is important to acquire the services of a Deputy Inspector with the correct certifications. Otherwise, approval for the related work may not be approved by Building and Safety.